Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Novacon has determined all its policies and strategies as quality-oriented. It acts with an understanding aiming "continuous and sustainable quality" while providing services and products to all its shareholders since its establishment. Our quality policy, which will achieve stable growth with the help of the experience and knowledge gained in accordance with the policies and strategies it has put forward, consists of the following items:

It accurately understands and analyses the needs and expectations of its customers. Thus, it provides customer satisfaction by creating fast and effective solutions.

It reveals its difference by creating original solutions.

It attaches importance to after-sale feedbacks, reviews them, and adopts the principle of continuous improvement in its products and services.

In the services and solutions it offers, there is always an innovation that eliminates problems or an improvement that meets expectations. In this way, it wants to achieve its goal of being "the best of the good", to reach a level that can compete in the international arena.

It keeps the satisfaction and morale of its employees at a high level.

It attaches importance to leave permanent works to future generations with expert staff, effective use of resources and equipment in accordance with customer requirements, laws, regulations, and national and international standards.

It undertakes to comply with legal requirements and standards for quality management while carrying out all its activities and services.