Fleet Leasing Management

Manage your fleet effectively with after-sale services and all supporting integrations, while tracking identification of your vehicles and equipment, purchase and registry procedures, and quotation and lease agreements.

Price Calculation

You may calculate your estimated costs by dynamically defining all cost items based on agreement duration and km, vehicle and equipment in quotations to customers, you may analyse planned and actual profitability to be obtained from the project.

You can take a step forward by quoting fast, online, and accurately.

Your costs and prices are no longer in excels but in your pocket.

Price Calculation

Dynamic Vehicle Status

Where are my vehicles? With your fleet system, you may identify and report all vehicle statuses that you want to track.

The system assigns statuses such as Inventory-Leased-Damage-Replacement-On Road based on the operations being carried out, inventory and vehicle statuses are updated instantly.

We track where your vehicle is so that you can devote more time to planning and business processes.

Dynamic Vehicle Status

Contract Tracking

You may identify your contracts, contract terms, payment schedules determined after the quotation to the system and manage documents and the signing process with the customer by means of the fleet system.

Each contract is tracked at different stages as required by the work-flow until the return of your vehicles.

Return planning of vehicles in contracts are tracked as renewal, additional vehicle, a new vehicle, and in connection with document flow with protocols such as extension, km revision, company transfer.

Contract Tracking

Income and Expense Tracking

With the price calculation stated in the quotation, your income, expenses, and estimated profitability from the project are determined.

Income from payment schedules on moving vehicle and additional reflections to the customer during the agreement duration, actual expenses arising from after-sale services are recorded specifically to each vehicle and agreement. In this way, you can track income and expenses based on the vehicle.

With the planned income and expenses stated in the quotations, vehicle movements that have been terminated with 2nd hand sale may be compared and actual profit-loss analysis can be performed.

Income and Expense Tracking

Document Management

You can print documents issued before and after all processes via the system and share them as an e-mail with your customers or business partners.

You may save Quotation Form, Agreement Form, or Delivery Form for delivering a vehicle, which is sent to the customer through the system, proforma and actual invoices from suppliers and services, and work order prints in the system and monitor by associating them with documents.

Document Management


Daily, weekly, monthly, annual operation reports may be obtained instantly from the system, as well as operation reports showing daily business schedules of users.

Besides, more summarised reports can be obtained by identifying templates for reports to the system, which are to be prepared for managers and visualising them with dashboards.

Reports such as fleet vehicles, vehicles to be delivered and purchased, work order reports, inventory status based on the instant status on dashboards, vehicles waiting for purchase or payment are some of them.

Reports can be identified according to each business requirement and request.


New Generation Online Fleet Leasing Management

You may also have an end-to-end online fleet management system with Long-term and Fleet Leasing Applications, Daily Leasing, Integrated Website, Agency and Broker Management, Transfer and Valet Applications, Customer Portal and Mobile Applications.

Fleet Leasing Management

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It does not require any installation; you can start using it at any time.

Mobile Compatible

You can access all applications platform-independent from your mobile phones and tablets.

User Friendly

Thanks to user-friendly screens, you can quickly start using them.

Independent of Lang & Currency

You can manage all your processes with the language and currency you want.

Complete Solution

An end-to-end solution with applications such as Fleet Management, Daily Leasing, Customer Portal and Flexible Integrations.

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