Fast, Seamless, and End-to-end Integration

Integrate Fiorent to all the systems you need to run your rental business.

JATO is a data supplier for market trend analysis, vehicle equipment, vehicle prices, and more.


It is a service that allows you to easily manage and track the HGS tags of the vehicles in your fleet from a single location.


It is an accident detection and in-vehicle emergency call system.


It is a high-accuracy RV estimation system with quality data.


Integrated with all Accounting Systems

With Fiorent, you can integrate with all accounting programs that can exchange data via API and manage your data on a single platform by associating any data you want with the program you use.

  • Payment Plans
  • Reflection and Expense Items (Traffic Ticket, HGS, / Maintenance / Damage / Tire, Stamp Duty, Mileage Excess Fees, Late Arrival Fees)
  • Purchasing
  • Account Statements
  • Customer Risk Status
  • Second-Hand Sale

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