Collect your team and resources on a single platform

Quickly reach your business partners and work in an integrated manner in all processes thanks to Customer, Consultant, and Service Portals.

Customer Portal

It is a portal prepared for online reporting of all processes of your rental customers, presenting workflows transparently and strengthening your customer communication.

With this portal, your customers can perform the following operations:

  • Statistical Data (Total equipment park, total work orders, etc.)
  • Contract and Payment Plans
  • Equipment Park
  • Expiring Equipment
  • New Equipment, Time Extension, Company Transfer, Contract Terms Revision Request
  • Creating and listing Maintenance & Breakdown, Damage, Tire, Replacement Equipment Requests, and tracking work order status

Advisor Portal

The registration procedures of the purchased vehicles and the traffic fines of the vehicles in the fleet can be managed by your contracted consultant.

With this portal, your consultant can perform registration transactions of vehicles, enter traffic ticket information, and upload ticket documents in bulk.

All transactions work in integration with your fleet system.

Supplier Portal

It has been enabled to enter the price offers of all the suppliers you work with, to make transactions on the work orders of the services you work with, and to enter proforma and parts, and labor details.

You can assign maintenance & breakdown, damage, and tire-related work to your suppliers and track the transactions online. These work assignments and transactions work in integration with your fleet system.

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