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Manage all your processes from Purchasing to Second-Hand Sales in an integrated way. Track your sales activities with CRM applications, and create a customized system with online and dynamic processes.

Price Calculating and Offer

Financial Evaluation

Agreement and Additional Protocol

Purchasing Processes

Delivery Processes

After-Sales Services

Price Calculation

You can calculate your projected costs and analyze your planned and actual profitability from the project by dynamically defining all cost items according to the contract duration, equipment, and hardware in the offers given to customers.

You can get one step ahead by fast, online, and accurately offering.

Now your costs and prices are in your pocket, not on exceller.

Dynamic Approval Processes

You can design tiered approval processes according to parameters such as equipment, duration, and profitability rate while making offers to your customers, manage your financial document controls, and financial evaluation processes on the offer and create a traceable workflow.

Contract Monitoring

You can define your post-offer contracts, contract terms, and payment plans in the system, and manage the signing process and document management with the customer through the fleet system.

Each contract is followed up until the return of your equipment with different stages due to the workflow.

The return planning of the equipment in the contracts is followed up connectively as document flow with protocols such as renewal, additional product, new equipment, as well as time extension, revision of the agreement terms, transfer of firm, etc.

Customer Relations Management

You can record your pre-sales activities, track your visit plans and sales opportunities, and associate them with offer processes. In addition, you can get your Potential Customer Tracking, and conversion rates of sales opportunities into offers report through the system.

By associating the CRM module with the post-Sales module, you can automatically plan visits on equipment that will expire, track equipment usage status with integrations, and automatically inform customers through the system.

The CRM Module is flexible and integrable at every step with all fleet applications.

Purchasing Work Flow

You can track your contractual purchase requests in a related way.

Purchase orders can be created differently according to the Stock, Customer, and Project status, and each of them can be tracked with different workflows.

Different purchase orders can be created according to payment types such as credit, deferred, or cash payment.

Dynamic Equipment Status

You can define and report all equipment statuses that you would like to track with your fleet system.

The system determines the statuses such as Stock, On Rent, Damage, Replacement, and On the Road according to the transactions made, and the stock and equipment statuses are updated instantly.

We keep track of where your equipment is, so you can spend more time on your planning and business processes.


With the delivery planning steps, you can make delivery plans on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and assign them to the people who will be responsible for delivery.

With detailed delivery and receiving processes, you can track the whereabouts of the vehicle in an accurate way, and you can easily track additional equipment and products.

With the reports of the equipment to be returned, you can easily make your future stock, purchasing, and cash flow planning. You can also manage all transactions instantly in an integrated manner with our mobile application solution.

Maintenance & Breakdown

You can save maintenance requests from different channels (website, call center, customer portal, mobile application) to the system, define service planning about the requests, parts and labor to be used in the work orders, and manage work orders by comparing them with previous maintenance work orders.

You can determine the amounts to be reflected to the customer or service on the work order and transfer them to the accounting system with the approval process. You can report the equipment whose maintenance time is approaching and enable the system to generate notifications on this issue.


While receiving claim notifications from customers as work orders, you can quickly direct your customers on issues such as service planning and roadside assistance, and plan and report your insurance processes, towing service, and replacement product processes in relation to the claim notification.

You can also define the expertise processes of the equipment to the system or integrate it with different systems.

You can track quantitative transactions such as Value & Income Loss, File Expenses, etc., and integrate them with the accounting system.


You can manage your replacement equipment issuance processes arising from work orders such as Maintenance & Breakdown, and Damage in a way that is related to work orders, and you can issue replacement equipment to your customers as Outsourcing or Self Supply.

You can enter the duration of replacement equipment, and costs arising from Outsourcing Substitution into the system, and integrate them into your accounting system in cases where reflection is required.

You can report the equipment whose replacement deadline is approaching, and enable the system to generate notifications on this issue.

Second-Hand Management

You can track your equipment returning from rent as Secondhand, define appraisal information, the planned Secondhand Value of Equipment, you can make sales planning with the current Secondhand value analysis. By entering Secondhand sales information, you can report by tracking the profitability amounts and rates of the sold equipment.

You can integrate with our business partners who perform Secondhand value analysis for current Secondhand prices and create a reliable and stable business process for finding the right price.

Campaign Defining

With Fiorent, you can create campaigns for your equipment in stock according to criteria such as different duration, equipment, payment method, customer segment, additional services, etc.

Online Process Flow

By creating an online process flow on your website for the equipment requested from the campaigns, you can carry out the entire process online with your customers until the equipment delivery process.

You can send the documents to be received from the customers in your campaign equipment offer and the contracts to be sent to your customers online.

You can share the results of the financial evaluation, and your customers can follow the stage of the process online.

Document Management

You can print the documents created before and after all processes from the system and share them with your customers or business partners via e-mail.

You can record the Proposal Form, Contract Form, or Delivery Form sent to the customer from the system, proforma or real invoices from suppliers and services, and work order printouts in the system, and you can follow up by associating them with documents.


Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual operation reports can be received instantly from the system along with operation reports showing the daily business plans of the users.

In addition, report templates that need to be prepared for managers can be defined in the system in advance and more summary reports can be obtained by visualizing them with dashboards.

Fleet Vehicles, Vehicles to be delivered and picked up, Work Order Status Report, Stock status according to instant status on dashboards, and Vehicles Awaiting Purchase or Payment are some of these reports. Reports can be defined according to each business requirement and request.

Income-Expense Monitoring

With the price calculation in the offer step, your planned income and expenses and projected profitability from the project are determined.

Income from payment plans on equipment moving during the contract period, income from additional projections to the customer, and actual expenses arising from after-sales services are recorded for each equipment and contract. In this way, you can track income and expenses on an equipment basis.

Real profit and loss analysis can be made by comparing the planned income and expenses in the offer with the actual equipment movements that actually end with the second-hand sale.


The statistical data to be created for each role or user, the data to be viewed quickly and the information to be obtained can be designed as dynamic widgets in the system.

Each user can create a dashboard or home page view according to their own wishes.

With this statistical data, users can easily follow their daily worklists and the works waiting for them.

User Management

In the system, users can be created manually in bulk or individually, while users can also log in to the system with LDAP, Active Directory, and Social Media integrations.

Users' password complexity, e-mail verification, log-in via SMS integration, and session timeout controls can also be managed parametrically.

Role and Authority Management

With a wide authorization mechanism, different roles can be created with different authorization objects in all screen and approval processes, and these created roles can be assigned to users.

Periodic authorization assignments can be made to different users with authorization transfer transactions in certain periods.

Cross-checking and comparisons can be made with Role, Authorization reporting.

User and Transaction Logs

All transactions and changes made by users on the system are recorded as history on-field basis. This recorded history can be reported separately by transaction, module, or user.

Reports can be used for audit issues. In addition, transaction logs and the history of the services called on all screens where transactions are made are also recorded. Especially in integration issues, these logs facilitate tracking and problem-solving.

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