Accessory & Clothing Rental Software

As the fashion industry changes day by day, the business of renting accessories and clothes has become an important alternative. Run your rental business with our cloud-based software, track your products, manage your orders, and plan your payments.

“You strive to meet the needs of your customers in the most comprehensive way, now is the time to simplify your management! Give yourself your due value with comprehensive management tools of Fiorent.”​

Manage Your Clothing and Accessories;

Organizing and managing the rental process efficiently is the most important step. Fiorent is a software that provides the necessary management tools for you and your team to take this step. Thanks to the cloud-based software that you can fully customize you can have a unique process.

  • Instant inventory status
  • Stock Planning
  • Adding-removing products

Filter products by different styles, sizes, and colors;

The rental business of clothing and accessories is quite extensive. Keeping up to date with thousands of products in different styles, sizes and colors can be challenging at times. With Fiorent, you can create different product groups by creating your own special categories.

  • Categorize, customize, and rent with Fiorent!
  • Upload and download product groups in bulk
  • Creating offers for different product groups
  • Customized reporting

Create different collections;

Accessories and clothes are rented in collections rather than pieces. You can group the products you rent with your own categories and create multiple collections.

  • Creating co-groups for similar products
  • Creating offers for different groups 
  • Customized reporting

Create offers with a few clicks, speed up the sales process;

Include details of contract duration, products, and collections when making offers to customers; calculate your costs and prices; make the right offer.

  • Fast online offer
  • Step-by-step approval process after the offer
  • Cost control

Convert your offers into contracts, make contract-related purchases;

You can regularly monitor your contracts and payment plans after the offer and execute transactions such as contract extension, product change, additional requests, etc. in conjunction.

  • Payment plans
  • Return planning
  • Revision transactions

Monitor the delivery process step by step;

You may carry out the delivery transactions of the rented clothes and accessories over the system and define the costs in the system. You can plan the deliveries of your products on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and assign a job to the delivery manager.

  • Delivery - Return
  • Digital signature on delivery
  • Periodic planning

Minimize your risk;

The accessory and clothing industry has multiple risks; the products you rent are fragile, so while they can be worn out there is a high chance that they will be lost too. Minimize risk with comprehensive post-sales monitoring.

  • Entering maintenance requests of products into the system
  • Arranging repair and damage costs and reflecting them to the customer
  • Detailed reporting

Create linked requests, and reduce your workload;

The product you rent sometimes may need something to complete them. You do not need to create a new request when you want to complete a rented dress with jewelry or a bag. You can save both time and labor by associating the existing request with the new request.

Manage Your Used Clothing;

You can monitor your clothing with an expired rental period as used, and analyze the planned and current used value of the clothing. You can create a report on the profitability of the clothes for which you entered their used sales value.

  • Value analysis
  • Sales planning
  • Profit and loss analysis



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