Audio, Video, Production Equipment Rental Software

A customizable system is a must for equipment tracking. We have created a process that will solve the complexity of your equipment management.

"It is now very easy to rent your broadcast and production equipment with Fiorent! With the solutions we have developed completely for your industry, whether the equipment in question is small or large, a detailed process awaits you.”​

Keep control of your equipment;

You can plan your equipment and control every stage of the operation. You can define audio equipment, cameras, tripods, and much more at the same time, keep track of them separately, and get the maximum benefit from your equipment.

  • Detailed equipment information
  • Real-time data tracking
  • Equipment list

Plan every detail with the equipment calendar;

You can easily manage your inventory with the easy-to-use equipment calendar; and monitor data such as stock, maintenance, availability, etc. instantly. You can automate the process by setting tasks and reminders on a per-person basis.

  • Easy updating with the drag-and-drop calendar
  • Flexible rental
  • Reservation numbers
  • Delivery - Return dates
  • Number of equipment in the maintenance

Make the right offers for your customers;

You can customize the offers according to your wishes and forward them to your customers.  In less than a minute, you can create numerous offers for different equipment and contract durations, and automatically convert your approved offers into contracts.

Experience making offers customer communication and time savings at the same time.

  • Fast online offer
  • Step-by-step approval process after the offer
  • Contract
  • Cost control, payment schedule, etc.

Eliminate all risks in delivery;

The camera and audio equipment are very sensitive. It is important that thy are not damaged, both during preparation for delivery and during delivery itself. At Fiorent, a comprehensive delivery process awaits you. You can manage the operations of the equipment you purchased through the system. You can plan the deliveries on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and assign a job to the delivery manager.

  • Detailed delivery-return
  • Digitally signed delivery form
  • Equipment return analysis
  • Periodic equipment planning

Plan renovations and maintenance;

You can save incoming renovation and maintenance items from your customers to the system as work orders, and then you can schedule services related to these work orders.

  • Maintenance and repair notices
  • Identification of restoration parts
  • Defining charge-off amounts
  • Reflecting the amounts to the accounting

Manage Your Used Equipment;

You can monitor your equipment with an expired rental period as used, and analyze the planned and current used value of the equipment. You can create a report on the profitability of the equipment for which you entered their used sales value.

  • Value analysis
  • Sales planning
  • Profit and loss analysis

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