Event and Party Equipment Rental Software

It is a specially designed solution for you to facilitate your event and party equipment rental operation.

Organize, monitor, and manage your party equipment.

“When it comes to events and parties, every detail counts. Combine details, organization, and management under one roof with Fiorent”

Simplify Inventory Tracking;

Inventory management is the most critical point of the rental business. With Fiorent, you can define all your inventory information separately in the system and view them all on a single screen. You can control your event & party equipment in more than one location, and list them according to their stock status and different functions.

  • Detailed inventory tracking with inventory calendar
  • Correct inventory management
  • Fully customizable system

Categorize Your Products;

Event and party supplies are rented in packages rather than pieces. By creating your own special packages, you can group the products you rent together; and simplify your operation process.

  • Creating co-packages for similar products
  • Creating offers for different packages 
  • Customized reporting

Customize offers, manage the sales process;

The fixed offer becomes impossible as equipment content increases. When making offers to your customers, detail your inventory according to the usage time, the number of equipment, and quality.

"Calculate your costs and prices; give the right offer at the right time."

  • Fast online offers in a few clicks
  • Pricing on the equipment basis
  • Step-by-step approval process after the offer

Convert your offers into contracts instantly and speed up the purchasing process;

After your offer is approved, you can quickly convert it into a contract, and you can regularly monitor your contracts and payment plans after the offer.

You can make time extensions, return requests, revisions, etc. transactions to be made on the contract in conjunction.

You can monitor your purchasing requests in conjunction with the system and make purchases of different types according to stocks, clients, and projects.



Plan your deliveries, avoid complications;

When it comes to event and party equipment rental, you can have countless deliveries on the same day. With Fiorent, you can regularly monitor the delivery and collection of your equipment and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Create and manage deliveries
  • Finding the optimal route
  • Instant notification



Protect your equipment;

You can keep your inventory up-to-date by keeping track of delayed returns, damaged products, and losses.

You can record the causes of equipment damage and repair costs.

  • Identification of missing or damaged products with one click
  • Listing delayed or non-refundable products
  • Monitoring the reflection amounts

Do not delay maintenance;

You can save incoming renovation and maintenance items from your customers to the system as work orders, and then you can schedule services related to these work orders.

  • Recording maintenance requests from different channels to the system
  • Notifications for due maintenance equipment
  • Service planning

Manage Your Used Equipment;

You can monitor your equipment with an expired rental period as a used, and analyze the planned and current used value of the equipment. You can create a report on the profitability of the equipment for which you entered their used sales value.

  • Value analysis
  • Sales planning
  • Profit and loss analysis


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