Furniture Rental Software

Manage your project in detail, and increase your productivity.

"With the solutions we have developed completely for your industry, whether the equipment in question is small or large, a detailed process awaits you.”

Manage your furniture inventory;

You will need detailed inventory tracking when renting your furniture. By having armchairs, wardrobes, floor lamps, beds, and much more on a single screen, you can monitor in detail which products are available for rent.

“Monitor where your furnitures are with different statuses”

  • Instant inventory status
  • Service Status
  • Stock Planning

Stay planned with the detailed equipment calendar;

Thanks to our equipment calendar that you can easily drag-and-drop, you can monitor the payments, renovations, maintenance, and much more of your furniture from the calendar.

“Set up tasks and reminders on a per-person basis.”

  • Flexible rental
  • Reservation numbers
  • Delivery - Return dates
  • Number of furniture in maintenance

Manage the sales process;

Calculate the cost of your furniture when making offers to your customers; give the right offer. Send the offer you have prepared directly to your customer via e-mail.

  • Fast online offer
  • Defining offer pricing rules to the system
  • Step-by-step approval process after the offer
  • Retrieving the offer form from the system
  • Cost control

Turn your offers into contracts;

After the offer, you can monitor the contracts and protocols you will make with the customers on the system. You can perform the transactions to be made on the contract in conjunction, and you can monitor your payment plans regularly.

  • Contract details
  • Payment plans
  • Return planning
  • Revision transactions

Make a contract-related purchase;

You can monitor your purchasing requests in conjunction with the system and make purchases of different types according to stocks, clients, and projects. You can create different purchase orders according to payment types.

  • Purchasing tracking
  • Different payment types

Monitor your furniture with different statuses;

You can view all your furniture on a single screen and track where your furniture is with different statuses.

  • Instant status
  • Stock tracking
  • Planning

Monitor the delivery processes step by step;

You may carry out the delivery transactions of the purchased furniture over the system and define the costs to the system. You can plan the deliveries of the furniture that you bought on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and assign a job to the delivery manager.

  • Delivery - Renturn
  • Digital signature on delivery
  • Tracking of furniture to return from rent

Plan renovations and maintenance;

You can save incoming renovation and maintenance items from your customers to the system as work orders, and then you can schedule services related to these work orders.

  • Maintenance and repair notices
  • Identification of restoration parts
  • Determination of reflection amounts
  • Reflecting the amounts to the accounting

Provide instant reaction in case of damage;

In case of damage, you can open a work order for your furniture and detail the materials and workmanship in the work order on the system. In cases of a damage event that you open as a work order, you can quickly provide assistance for your customers.

  • Uploading photos of the damage
  • Process tracking
  • Planning and reporting

Check the quality of your furniture;

When it comes to furniture, the wear rate is quite high. You can keep your inventory up-to-date by keeping track of damaged products, and losses. You can regularly track how many times your furniture is rented and analyze its value.

“Make your customers experience the highest possible quality.”

  • Current inventory information
  • Identification of missing or damaged products with one click
  • Determining costs

Manage Your Used Furniture;

You can monitor your furniture with an expired rental period as used, and analyze the planned and current used value of the furniture. You can create a report on the profitability of the furniture for which you entered their used sales value.

  • Value analysis
  • Sales planning
  • Profit and loss analysis


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