Medical Equipment Rental Software

Manage your medical equipment at high standards with Fiorent's versatile solution.

“Put away the manual processes with Fiorent to save time; access your daily transactions, projects, inventory, reports, and much more at the same time”



Manage your medical equipment in detail;

Renting medical equipment; as those are medical equipment, brings an extra detailed and varied follow-up process. By having ultrasound devices, incubators, monitors, and much more on a single screen your can monitor which products are on rent and which ones are available with details.

  • “Monitor where your equipment is with dual status”
  • Instant vehicle status
  • Stock tracking
  • Planning



Plan your equipment with the detailed equipment calendar;

We know that you are racing against time when it comes to health. Thanks to our equipment calendar that you can easily drag and drop, you can monitor the current status of your medical equipment, payments, maintenance dates, breakdown statuses, and much more instantly from the calendar.

  • Easy updating with the drag-and-drop calendar
  • Personal notification
  • Flexible rental
  • Reservation numbers
  • Delivery - Return dates
  • Number of equipment in the maintenance

Take control of your projects;

You can have all of your project details in one place and you can manage your daily transactions, purchasing orders, second-hand sales, payment plans, and much more in addition to detailed equipment monitoring.

  • Project Cost and Profitability
  • Project-based equipment purchase and sale
  • Project Stages Tracking


Manage the sales process online;

When making offers to customers you can give more detailed offers according to projects and detail the projects according to a contract term, km, equipment, and hardware and create multiple offers in a short time. Make correct offers by calculating your costs and prices.

  • Dynamic and flexible pricing
  • Step-by-step approval process after the offer
  • Cost analysis

Deliver your medical equipment safely;

You may carry out the delivery transactions of the purchased equipment over the system and define all expenses to the system.

You can plan the deliveries of your equipment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and assign a job to the delivery manager.

  • Delivery - collection
  • Digital signature on delivery
  • Equipment return analysis
  • Periodic equipment planning


Be active in maintenance and breakdown situations;

It is important to ensure the safety of medical equipment. Periodic checks and regular reporting are necessary to ensure the longevity of your equipment.

You can create a maintenance schedule for all your equipment and have the maintenance processes audited.

  • Recording maintenance and breakdown requests from different channels to the system
  • Notifications for due maintenance vehicles
  • Service planning

Manage Your Used Equipment;

You can monitor your equipment with an expired rental period as a used , and analyze the planned and current used value of the equipment. You can create a report on the profitability of the equipment for which you entered their used sales value.

  • Value analysis
  • Sales planning
  • Profit and loss analysis

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