Your innovative rental system

You can manage your rental operations much more effectively and efficiently with the product family that provides end-to-end solutions for all sectors such as automotive, construction equipment, events, cameras, music equipment, furniture, etc.


Nowadays, instead of owning the equipment, the rental sector stands out as a constantly changing and developing sector. With Fiorent Rental product;

  • Fast, Online, and Accurate Offer with Periodic and Dynamic Pricing
  • Agreement, Payment Plans, Project Tracking with Duty Assignments
  • Purchasing and Approval Processes
  • Equipment Status Follow-Up
  • Fleet Availability Calendar
  • Maintenance, Breakdown, Damage, Warranty , Replacement Processes with Work Orders
  • Transparent and trackable system with authority, role management, and log structure


Maximize your customer satisfaction with our mobile solutions. Integrate instantly with your rental system and follow your processes more closely.

  • Equipment Delivery-Return Planning
  • Instant Status Monitoring of Equipment
  • Mobile Delivery and Return Record
  • End-User Maintenance, Breakdown, Damage, Warranty, Replacement Requests
  • Recording appraisal processes
  • Instant Notifications


Quickly reach your business partners and work in an integrated manner in all processes thanks to Customer, Consultant, and Service Portals.

  • Fleet Manager Reports
  • Contract and Payment Plans
  • Penalty and Registration Procedures with Consultant
  • Work Order Integration with Services


Thanks to our technological infrastructure, integrate with SAP, non-SAP, all ERP systems, and accounting systems, and monitor your data exchanges in integrations instantly.

  • Rent Invoices
  • Reflection Income and Expense Items
  • Used equipment Sale
  • Customer Risk Status
  • Fixed Asset

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